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What Is A Sun Tunnel?

Sun tunnels are a cost-effective way to get light into a house with limited room for a skylight.

They consist of a panel that rests discreetly on the outside of a roof, a highly reflective tube that channels sunlight into the room, and a diffuser that naturally disperses light.

This item will pay for itself! Sun tunnels can be put on flat and sloped roofs, making them versatile for gloomy bathrooms, attics, and tiny workplaces. They are also useful in hallways and corridors, where they save power costs by bringing in natural light.

Types Of Sun Tunnels

There are a variety of sun tunnels from which to choose due to their adaptability to a wide range of requirements. When purchasing a sun tunnel, the first choice is between a flexible sun tunnel and a stiff sun tunnel. This depends on where you want to direct the light and what it must travel through:

  • Rigid Sun Tunnels. Rigid sun tunnels are the most popular option when the sun tunnel is placed through an empty roof area into rooms below. Rigid sun tunnels consist of a single tube that distributes light to the desired location. These tunnels cannot be curved or inclined, but they provide the maximum amount of light transmission since light travels in a straight line to its destination.
  • Flexible Sun Tunnels. Flexible sun tunnels consist of a curved or angled tube that reduces the quantity of light entering a room. Due to how light reflects off the reflective inside of the tube, you may circumvent any obstacles that prohibit you from utilizing a rigid alternative. For instance, if your loft has air conditioning units or other utilities, you may circumvent them with a flexible solar tunnel. Flexible sun tunnels are optimal for shorter distances, enabling you to choose the optimal location outside the roof and guide the tube precisely where you want, even if that placement isn’t right underneath the roof.

The Size Of Sun Tunnels

For slate, tiles, or flat roofs, sun tunnels are available in a variety of sizes.

It is important to consider the installation location and purpose to choose the right size. Does one sun tunnel illuminate a tiny, gloomy corridor? Would the light become a design element, e.g., do you want to build the sun tunnels in symmetrical arrangements or a row with uniform spacing?

For applications involving the illumination of a small room, the largest product that will fit in the ceiling area is advised. One or two medium-sized tunnels are an intriguing addition for bigger rooms, such as guest bedrooms or baths.

The Amount Of Light A Sun Tunnel Provides

The amount of light provided by a sun tunnel is contingent on numerous things.

This includes whether or whether your roof faces south, where it is feasible to create the greatest light. This is not an issue if your roof does not face south since sun tunnels are highly reflecting and offer enough light in every direction. The shape and size of the space will also influence the quantity of illumination. If, for example, you choose a sun tunnel with a diameter of 10 inches for a 20m2 room, the light dispersion will not be adequate to illuminate the whole space.

A 10-inch rigid sun tunnel in optimal south-facing settings will provide around 150-200 watts of diffused light, while a 14-inch option would generate approximately 200-250 watts.

Ideal Locations to Install a Sun Tunnel

  • Hallways. Inadequate lighting and design may make corridors seem and feel tight. Installing a sun tunnel, which can assist in illuminating your corridors, is one solution to this issue.
  • Stairs. Does someone consistently forget to turn off the lights near the stairwell? Installing a sun tunnel, which may give illumination without raising your power cost, is a simple option.
  • Bathrooms. If you want to boost the illumination in your bathroom, a sun tunnel is a more practical option than bathroom windows (which might reduce your degree of privacy). To properly disperse sunshine around your bathroom, you can carefully position many mirrors that can reflect light off of each other.
  • Mudrooms. Every mudroom (a designated area for storing muddy boots and damp school bags) should have overhead illumination (provided by a sun tunnel) and task lighting.
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