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What Are the Components of a Roof Replacement?

No other repair or replacement can be as crucial to a homeowner as a new roof. A sturdy, long-lasting roof ensures the family’s safety and security and everyone’s peace of mind. Though the causes of leaking or failing roofs differ from house to home, every homeowner needs to understand what a roof replacement entails.

Installing a new roof consists of many processes that require the roofer or roofing technician’s undivided attention. The roofing contractor must ensure that each stage is executed correctly from the beginning through the final inspection. You should be aware of the optimal roofing materials for your property and understand the fundamentals of a roof estimate. You must understand how the price of a new roof may vary based on the kind of roofing material, the season in which the work is performed, and any additional labor expenses that may be incurred. You should also be informed of pertinent details during a roof replacement as a homeowner.

Important Considerations Regarding New Construction Roofing

1. It’s Not the Same as Roof Replacement

It is a common misconception that new construction roofing and roof replacement are essentially the same. As the term suggests, Roofing replacement replaces an existing roof of a structure. While a completely new roofing system may be built on an existing building, roof replacement involves ensuring that the new roof is compatible with the old structure.

Roofing for new construction differs from roof replacement since the procedure for roof replacement can be far more extensive. It can involve far more work by removing the existing layers of roofing and potentially having to replace the structure to establish a quality roofing system.

Roofing replacement utilizes an existing structure. Roofing for new buildings begins from scratch. New construction roofing demands installing your roof’s structure, underlayment, and covering, while roof repair requires removing the old system before its replacement.

2. You Have Options

Similar to roof replacement, roofing choices for the new buildings are available. You want the greatest roof for your new building; therefore, you must ensure that you choose the best solution for your requirements. Among the asphalt roofing options accessible to you are:

  • Fiberglass Asphalt Shingles. Fiberglass asphalt shingles feature a fiberglass base covered by a waterproof asphalt coating. A layer of ceramic granules is added to give your roof UV protection.
  • Organic Asphalt. Like fiberglass asphalt, organic asphalt is topped off with ceramic granules. The difference is that it contains about 40% more actual asphalt than fiberglass.
  • Three-Tab Shingles. Three-tab shingles get their name because each shingle actually looks like three different pieces on your roof.
  • Architectural Shingles. Thick and durable, architectural shingles are considered premium products. Most architectural shingles are twice as thick as three-tab shingles. They are considered “designer” because they can be customized to look like high-end materials like cedar.

3. You Can Anticipate It To Cost More.

As mentioned, some think new build roofing is more expensive than roof replacement. The procedure can be much more complicated since the roof is constructed from scratch. Numerous variables might affect the price of your new building roofing. But more often than not, replacing an old roof, does cost more.

Among the factors that affect the cost of your new build roofing are:

  • Dimensions of your roof
  • Its pitch
  • The duration of the project.
  • The components utilized

5. You Desire To Employ Professionals

The installation of an asphalt roof has a significant impact on its performance. If it’s done correctly, it will be secure, endure for many years, and work as well as it should. If your roof is improperly built, the cost of upkeep and the frequency of roof replacement will climb. You must contact specialists, such as the contractors at Total Roofing.

When you hire specialists to install your new roof, you can be confident that it will be appropriately done. A correctly placed asphalt roof will last longer, need less care, and make your home much safer and more pleasant.

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