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Total Roofing offers emergency roof repair services 24/7 so that your home is protected.

What Constitutes A True Roofing Emergency?

Many circumstances readily qualify as an emergency roof repair condition. Here are four prime examples:

  • Your roof has sustained damage from a tree, limb, or other falling or wind-borne item. Now that a portion of the roof has collapsed, nothing prevents the elements and external animals from entering your house.
  • Storm damage to your roof has resulted in the loss of shingles and/or flashing and/or the formation of significant leak spots. Whenever it rains, an influx of water is rapid and copious.
  • A piece of your roof is so seriously damaged that a tarp must be placed over it to avoid costly water damage. A temporary “patch” work may also be required to prevent additional damage until the final repair can be made.
  • A fire could have damaged a piece of your roof. This may undermine the stability of the roof deck and the roofing it supports, even if the shingles are still in good condition. You should get this examined and fixed without delay.

Indications Of A Roof Emergency

There are several indications of an emergency, some of which are evident and others less so. If you see any of the following, immediately call us:

  • Leaking water inside the home – Calling a local roofer is an apparent course of action if a significant quantity of water enters the property. Even if a little leak is detected, it must be repaired to prevent future harm.
  • Holes in the roof – If there are visible holes in the roof, they must be fixed immediately.
  • Missing shingles – A single missing shingle may not constitute an emergency, but if several are missing, the damage must be repaired immediately.

What Roofing Contractors Do In An Emergency?

What will the procedure include when you phone your roofer to report an emergency? It is essential to understand what to anticipate and safeguard your roof.

  • Evaluate the Damage: Upon arrival, your roofers will inspect your roof for damage. They will investigate the causes of any leaks and determine whether long-term repairs are necessary. This may include modest repairs, or your roofer may recommend a whole roof replacement. Typically, there are indications that a roof replacement is needed, which you can explore with your roofer to decide what is best for your house. They may also advise you whether it is prudent to alleviate the internal pressure of a leak by poking a hole in a swelled ceiling or other similar measures.
  • Add A Temporary Roof Patch: The afflicted parts of your roof will be covered with a temporary patch or tarp by your roofing contractors. This will provide them with more time for repairs. This is particularly crucial if the local weather station forecasts precipitation before the roof repairs can be finished.
  • Provide a Quote: The roofers will next inform you of the necessary restoration and repair procedures. They should present you with a price or estimate in writing. If you file an insurance claim, the insurer should also supply you with photographs and other supporting paperwork.
  • Schedule Repairs: Remember that roofers will be very busy after large storms and may need weeks to reach your home. First, they will place tarps over their customers’ roofs to avoid future damage, and then they will often prioritize the properties with the most serious damage. If your roof’s condition deteriorates or your tarp falls away, you should notify your roofers.
Emergency Roof Repairs Ottawa

Understanding the Value of Emergency Roofing Services

Regardless of how carefully you maintain your roof, it may sometimes need emergency repairs. These situations may arise after your roof receives weather related damage or other unforeseen issues, such as a fire or leak, partner with a roofing business that provides emergency services around-the-clock. Total Roofing Ottawa offers emergency roof repair services 24/7 so that company activities are not stopped.

Emergency roofing services provide you with temporary roofing solutions so that you can continue using your building or living in your house while we develop a more permanent solution. Even if you need emergency roofing services in Ottawa, we want you to be able to continue using your business or house. Therefore we work promptly to execute the necessary repair solution.