At Total Roofing Ottawa, we take pride in knowing that every client served, is another client protected!

For most people, their home is often the biggest investment of their life, and their roof is the shield that keeps it safe from mother nature!

However, there is more to a home then just the roof, and protecting everything else is just as important! From the moment we arrive on site, until the moment we leave, we take every necessary precaution to protect our client. From maintaining 100% proper safety measures, to protecting the property throughout the duration of the job, to our very thorough clean up at the end, shielding our clients from any problems or issues or stress is priority.

This promise helps ease our client’s minds to some of the bad practices practiced by other members of the roofing industry. Respect and presentation are also key to our high-quality package at Total Roofing. Nobody likes to come home to seeing their property is in shambles. Respect and courtesy for the homeowner and surrounding Neighbors’ and area is vital to ensure proper customer satisfaction!.

So what are you waiting for, if you or someone you know is looking for a contractor who truly cares, pick up the phone and call total roofing today for your free estimate!

Total Roofing