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Fixing or Avoiding A Leak on A Skylight

Skylights can be an amazing way to bring light and character to your home. However, it is common knowledge that skylights also come with a major risk, leaking!.

  • Find Root Cause.
    At total roofing we get right to the source of the problem. What many people don’t realize is that the primary source of the problem with skylight leaks is ice damming and improper preparation underneath the skylight and shingles.. As heat escapes through the light and melts the snow around, the water then travels down the roof a bit and forms ice. Water then backs up behind the ice and under the skylight. When the proper precautions are taken to prepare the skylight, this is a non-issue. However, many people who claim to install sky lights are not properly trained and therefore do not know how to properly prepare the roof deck beneath. With total roofing this is not the case! We have installed hundreds of skylights with great success.
  • Experienced Professionals.
    Total roofing has properly installed hundreds of skylights and know every minute details about installation. So, if you have a skylight that needs replacing or would like to add one to your new build, call total roofing now!

The Best Roof Location For A Skylight

When planning to add skylights to your house, you should consider the interior features of the skylight, including which rooms, where you want the light to reach, and how the skylight will affect the space overall. However, you must also consider the optimal position for the skylight on the roof.

  • Skylight Direction. There are several reasons to consider the orientation of your skylight. Consider the amount of solar heat that the skylight will let into your house. If your skylight faces south, you will get direct sunshine throughout the day, increasing heat gain. In a warmer region, energy-efficient skylights and solar-reflective glass may help you control the heat, but you should still consider it when positioning your skylights. Skylights facing north will provide a steady quantity of natural light throughout the day, but you may prefer a skylight facing east for the morning light. Consider the trees and other impediments around your property.
  • Home Construction. When determining where to install your skylight, you must examine the structure of your roof. Stick-framed roofs are more conducive to skylights because they often provide greater space for their installation. If you have a stick-framed roof, you will need to locate the rafters to install the skylight. This needs the least amount of building alterations. If the desired skylight position is near a rafter, cutting through the rafter can endanger the roof’s structural stability. You may require an architect or structural engineer’s opinion. If trusses support your roof, adding a skylight may be difficult. Trusses have narrower intervals between beams, so you may need to build a smaller skylight to accommodate the available area. You may choose to select a skylight whose width is compatible with the truss spacing. Before deciding where to install a skylight, you must be aware of the location of your rafters or beams.

The Ideal Locations To Add Skylights In Your Home

  • Kitchen. The kitchen is one of the ideal locations to put a skylight. The kitchen is a good area for a variety of reasons. First, the window will give the optimal quantity of natural illumination for precision kitchen activities such as peeling and chopping. Additionally, a skylight will liberate extra wall space for storage. Because natural light is coming from above, fewer conventional windows are required. This allows for greater cabinet space without compromising light. Lastly, skylights may give additional ventilation to a space that often needs it. Who wants the aroma of last night’s meal to linger throughout the day? Simply build a skylight with a vent to bring in the fresh air and exhaust cooking smells.
  • Bathroom. A skylight can give the space much-needed ventilation. A vented skylight can also be advantageous in bathrooms. When there are no windows in a bathroom, moisture tends to accumulate. This might result in water damage, mold, mildew, and general deterioration.
  • Bedroom. What could be more pleasant than falling asleep while gazing at the moon and stars? As you slip off to sleep, you may be seeing the night sky instead of a dull wall. It might even result in a better night’s sleep. The body’s internal clock uses sunlight to determine when sleep and wakefulness are appropriate. In the evening, your body produces melatonin, which induces sleepiness. As daylight increases, melatonin levels decline. You may enhance your sleeping patterns and adopt a healthy routine by installing a skylight. Like the bathroom, a skylight will enable natural light to enter without compromising privacy.
  • Redesigned Attic. Changing your attic from a storage area to a living space is a terrific method to provide your family with extra living space. Regardless of how you want to use the new area, you should add a skylight. A skylight can provide abundant natural light to a new room. There is insufficient wall space to install conventional windows in most converted attics. In addition, since heat rises, attics tend to be the hottest area in the home. It is prudent to install a skylight during the hot summer months to release some heat and keep the space cool.
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